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Updated: 6/19/2020
Unknown Story

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  • si hermano me encantaría ir contigo al parque
  • hola oye Nayeli quieres ir a pasear un rato al parque
  • oye hermano sabes que me encontré en la internet...
  • no que es naye...
  • ves que a ti te gustan mucho las historietas...encontré que tu puedes vender todos tus comics y asi puedes ganar mucho dinero
  • these are three benefits of the canvas model that you need to know so you know that if it works1.Improves understanding: Uses visual tools.This methodology encourages the creative thinking of the workers who create the canvas.2. Broad focus points: This model maintains a constant vision of the business model from different perspectives: commercial, market, distribution channels...3. Strategic Analysis: Only one sheet can view all elements of the canvas. A simple way to get the most out of this tool
  • si
  • enserio?
  • si
  • look you first have to have the idea of your business plan, so that then you can start planning your canvas model
  • hear sister and how can I do that?canvas model?What is that?
  • The canvas model is the tool for analyzing and creating business models in a simplified way. It is viewed globally on a canvas divided into the main aspects that involve the business and revolves around the value proposition offered
  • o ya ahora lo entiendo
  • genial lo voy a intentar pero ahora voy a hacer un comic muy diferente a los demás por que va a hablar de las medidas de protección que se deben llevar durante esta cuarentena