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Unknown Story
Updated: 11/15/2017
Unknown Story
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  • The day started as any other ordinary school day, Dwight, Stanley, and Mikey arrived to school in the bus. Only today, there was a teeny difference, a new kid named, Gary had arrived to school on the same bus, but no one really noticed because he seemed to have slipped out quickly.
  • As the three boys made their way to homeroom, they noticed an unfamiliar face. Stanley made his way over swiftly to Gary and politely introduced himself and his friends, " Hi, I'm Stanley and these are my friends Mikey and Dwight. " Gary replied and quickly said "Hi. "If you want we can help show you around." Dwight said nodding toward Mikey and Stanley. Mikey rolled his eyes as his friends were now taking a sudden interest to the new weirdo, Gary.
  • After two more periods of hard work it was time for recess. " Ah, recess the best time of the school day." Stanley sighed. " Nothing too exciting, just a cheap old playground." Dwight said, "It's better than nothing. " " Looks pretty nice to me." said Gary Mikey didn't want anything to do with Gary if all he was doing was trying to steal his friends. He didn't say anything during the whole recess.
  • Lunch was right after recess and the boys went to sit at their usual table and made a spot for Gary right next to Stanley, the end piece " Here you go an nice, clean end spot for our new friend, Gary!" Dwight exclaimed. Gary smiled, he was now starting to like it here at his new school. Mikey didn't like the idea of Gary sitting his usual seat, and felt like his friends were being disloyal and didn't join any conversation once again.
  • *DING!* The final bell rang, the boys were in the library studying for the test tomorrow before the bus came. Gary wasn't doing anything and neither was Mikey. "Hey guys, Mikey and I are going to go find that one book Dwight was talking about earlier." Gary said. Mikey was very confused. Gary and Mikey went behind the books and Mikey asked, " What do you want ?" "I know you think I'm trying to take your friends, I can see the jealousy in your eyes."
  • " No, what are you talking about?" Mikey said in denial. "Don't deny it, why would I every try to take anyone's friends, they were just being friendly and wanted to be friends with me because I don't have any." Gary said quickly. " Okay, fine maybe I did think you were trying to take my friends. I guess I didn't think you would want to be my friend too." Mikey confessed. "I'd love to be your friend." Gary said. Mikey gave Gary a big four-tentacle hug. and made their way to the bus. The four boys made their way onto the bus and sat together and talked through the whole way home.
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