Stop Bullying on the Spot

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Stop Bullying on the Spot
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Bullying Education and Prevention

Bullying Prevention & Education

Lesson Plans by Bridget Baudinet

With the rise of social media in recent decades, educators have seen an increase in both cyberbullying and traditional bullying among school-aged youth. The first step in making a difference is education. Faculty, staff, parents, and students all need to be educated in identifying, responding to, and preventing bullying.

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Storyboard Description

Anti Bullying lesson plan: Stop Bullying on the Spot

Storyboard Text

  • Hey, what's going on here?
  • Mrs. Jenson, please take Scott to guidance for the time being.
  • Are you okay, Peter? Is anyone hurt?
  • Don't worry. We're going to sort this out. Peter and I are going to go talk this through with Mr. Spencer.
  • Dang it, Peter! I'm sick of this! Get your butt to the principal's office now!
  • Intervene immediately. It is ok to get another adult to help.
  • Separate the kids involved.
  • Make sure everyone is safe and meet any immediate medical or mental health needs.
  • Stay calm. Reassure the kids involved, including bystanders.
  • Model respectful behavior when you intervene.
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