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Among the Hidden
Updated: 3/25/2020
Among the Hidden
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Luke and Jen

Storyboard Text

  • Beginning of the Book Frame
  • Luke and his small family of 4 lived in a little blue house having a great time. Luke would play outside all day with his brothers, until one day the population law came in and the Government tore down all the woods and sold Luke and his family farmland, until this day Luke has never been outside.
  • Population Law is that you cant have over 2 kids in your family because there is not enough food in the world.
  • Until One day Luke looked out through the vent and saw a third face in the Sports Family House. He was dyeing to meet another 3rd so he sneaked over and meet whoever it was. Her name was Jen. Jen wanted to put on a rally on the Presidents house. She wanted there to be no more population law. And she did, she was so confident she Killed herself. But Luke did not know that.
  • Middle of the Book Frame
  • End of the Book Frame
  • Luke was dying to get over to Jen house because he did not know if she was dead or not. But he ran into Jen's dad first and Luke was caught in a good way. He worked for the population police and was whiling to give Luke a fake ID so he could do real world stuff, and Jen's dad set all of it up for Luke and finally for years Luke could now do real world stuff.
  • Main Characters
  • Luke is Brave because he crossed his own yard to go raid someones house and see who was inside.
  • Jen is Confident She wants to is planning to march to a Government building and protest about the laws.
  • Main Problem
  • The main problem is Luke, a third child, sees another illegal third born like himself. Her name is Jen, and she is planning to march to a Government building and protest about the laws. She is killed trying, but it gave Luke the courage to move on and finish her work.
  • Solution Frame
  • The story ends by Jens dad giving Luke a fake ID, so Luke can go do things on his own out in the world. Like go to school, church, play outside, etc.
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