The pill

Updated: 10/13/2021
The pill

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  • I keep breaking out, my hair is a mess, and I hate my life! Why can't i be pretty and popular like the other girls.
  • Can this girl be quiet and get me a treat.
  • Okay I'm coming!
  • Honey! I need you to run down to the store to get some eggs. Hurry up to the money is on the counter!
  • new iphone
  • Hey u! girl come try my wish pill its only 5 dollars!
  • You should try it because it has worked on everyone! im just trying to help you out
  • How do i know its going to work! and plus I'm using this for eggs...
  • I'm a scientist and a-a doctor!
  • For everyone.. I mean she doesn't have to use eggs
  • Fine! here u go
  • Take this and make a wish ;)
  • I wish to be pretty
  • Sorry mom the store was closed I couldn't-
  • What are u talking about! I took these pills to make me pretty
  • *screams*why do u look like that!
  • U never take pills from strangers go look in the mirror!
  • Did u ever end up getting the eggs?
  • I knew I shouldn't have listened to him! I hate this
  • Now I will never be pretty and ill have to live with my mistake.