Unknown Story

Updated: 9/17/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Shot 1: Frame 1
  • *Thinks* Hmm I need some good quality headphones but i dont know which one would be best.
  • Shot 1: Frame 2
  • Oh my goodness, who are you and what you doing here?!
  • I am a figment of your imagination and i am here to help you cree.
  • Shot 2: Frame 1
  • Oh my, thanks. From looking at them, I think they will be the one.
  • I have the right pair for you, they/'re called wonwoder, test them out!
  • Duration: 6 seconds Audio: Brain calming music
  • Shot 2: Frame 2
  • They work so well, but let me test it on one more thing
  • Duration: 7 seconds Audio: Cree and her figment talking
  • Shot 3: Frame 1
  • There you go, your dream headphones
  • Duration:  6 secondsAudio: Cree and her figment talking
  • Shot 3: Frame 2
  • Duration: 7 seconds Audio: 20 minutes by lil uzi vert (0:00-0:06)
  • Alright, you want to make sure they work with whatever you need them for,
  • Duration: 9 seconds Audio: Students talking
  • Wow they even work for my classes, they're very much the ones i have been needing.
  • Duration: 9 secondsAudio> Cree and her figment talking with an upbeat type song playing in the background
  • Thank you so much for your help!
  • It's no problem cree .