English Homework Mileha

Updated: 8/18/2021
English Homework Mileha

Storyboard Text

  • It was one bright morning after a long weekend, when two best friends sammy and george catch up their past three days......
  • Hi sammy, how was your weekend. Did you have any fun or as usual packed up at home ???
  • Packed up with studies, homework. The only good thing was that we ordered pizza yesterday for dinner.
  • Ok so I got a lot to say to you about a place I visited this weekend. wait for it......Mellieha !!! That is where we visited  !!!!! 
  • WHAT !!! That is where I wanted to visit since a long time, you got to tell me more about it .
  • I know right, man I wanted to tell you so badly, cause I knew you would get shock.
  • Ok talk to me after class, man I can't wait !!!
  • Ring Ring !!!!!
  • OK so, first Mellieha is a town in the Emirate of Sharjah, the UAE with a population of 4,768, located some 2km south of the inland sharjah town of Dhaid.
  • Ok so any history about Mellieha ???
  • It was first inhabited in around 3000 BC , during the Neolithic period. Several megalithic remains have been found, including the temple of Ghajn Zejtuna, as well as several caves and tombs in which tools and pottery fragments were found.
  • Ok so what did you see ? How was your experience ??
  • First it was super hot over there but a few 1000's of years ago there was greenery everywhere, I saw a palace that used to be buried underground, and it was found by a shepherd tripping over a small poking of a wall. There were about 200 to 300 tombs and 6 were monumental, man you should visit there .
  • I will surely visit there no matter what, it is soooo exiting.