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Road to the American Revolution
Updated: 10/19/2020
Road to the American Revolution
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  • 1. Navigation Acts
  • I could not agree more. We are now under British control, and they decide the fate of our trade. They are taking advantage of us, and we should let our voice be heard!
  • I cannot believe that the king made all trade go through Europe. Now I am getting payed less and the colonies are losing money.
  • Kings new Stamp Act
  • 2. Stamp Acts
  • I did hear. Imagine all of the possibilities of the harsh taxes he could impose on us. In fact, I am going to stop buying newspapers to boycott.
  • Did you just hear what the king did! He imposed a tax in all of our paper, and did not even ask about if we wanted it!
  • 3. Quartering Acts
  • But sir, we only have two beds, and do not have enough money for 3 meals. I am sorry, but I cannot provide.
  • This is unfair. If the king can force this upon me, what is stopping his power. We should rebel and separate from the king!
  • Hello, I would like shelter with nice food and a bed tonight.
  • Well, I am sorry but one of you will have to sacrifice for me to get my food and bed.
  • In this act, it made sure that the American colonies could only trade with England. This was to make sure the England made a lot more money from the colonies and that the other European colonies would not make money. This was done by making sure that the colonies could only export to England and the colonies could only buy from England. This led to the colonies losing money and England gaining control of the trades of the colonies. All of the colonies trade was to England or through England. This was important because the colonies had to trade through England and this is the beginning of a rebellion in the colonies and it was the start of England's control over the colonies.
  • 4. Boston Massacre
  • The Stamp Acts were the first direct taxes on the colonies. It was a tax on many papers such as news papers, legal papers, playing cards, and other documents. This was important because the colonies did not get an opinion on this choice on the tax, and the taxes did not go to the colonies but instead straight to government. This scared the colonists, because even though they were small taxes, they could lead to even bigger actions that could be more imposing. taxes on everyday items going to a king who did not care about the colonies needs.
  • 5. Intolerable Acts
  • I have lost my job because of the new acts. The post is closed and now I have no more money!
  • I cannot believe they got rid of the upper house of Massachusetts. Now I have no say in the government!
  • The Intolerable Acts are too far!
  • The colonies were forced to pay for the housing and food for the soldiers in the colonies. They had to let them sleep in their houses and pay for their food and tend to them. The colonies got mad about this because they did not get a say in what they had to do and the king would not let them speak out. This was important because this showed how the king still did not take into account the outrage of the stamp act and forced the colonies to pay even more. This scared them even more as the king showed that he could force people to do whatever he wanted.
  • 6. 2nd Continental Congress
  • Lets do it then. We have already begun the war, so people should know what they are fighting for!
  • The Boston Massacre was a skirmish between the protesters and the Troops. Three protesting mobs gathered together near Kings Street and went towards the Customs building. There was a lone soldier standing there and the mob started to bully him and started throwing things at him. Them, there was a group of soldiers that came to his aid. After a few minutes one of the protesters struck one of the troops with a club, and then the soldiers shot at the colonists to defend themselves. This was important because this was the first amount of lives lost in this cause, and it led to a lot more support for the colonists. They used this as propaganda and fueled the drive even further to help the cause and rebel..
  • We want Freedom! Give us a voice!We want Freedom!Give us a voice!
  • We will not settle for injustice!
  • Then we are left with no choice...
  • Please don't hurt us. We do not not want to harm you!
  • This was a series of acts in response to the Boston Tea Party. This is important because it violated a lot of colonists ideas of natural rights. It closed the Port of Boston as punishment for the Boston Tea Party and would not open it up and let trade in again until the Tea lost from the tea party was paid for. This really hurt people who made a living from trading. It abolished the upper house of Massachusetts because they were built on self government. The king did not like this, so he abolished it and made sure most spots were appointed by the king of his secretaries. This angered a lot of people because they were proud of and know for the self government, so they were not happy about this. It strengthened the quartering act made the colonists pay for the food and buildings that the soldiers lived in, which was very unfair as a soldier could come to your house, use up a lot of your money, and leave with no harmful effect for it and you not getting anything in return.
  • The Intolerable Acts causing outrage!
  • Now if the troops come by to my house. I will not even have enough money to pay for myself, I will starve while they take my money!
  • We need a revolution!
  • This is it! I We have to have a revolution!
  • This was a meeting is which delegates from all 13 colonies came together to unite for the American Revolutionary war. It functioned as the unofficial government. It wrote many important documents for the rebellion such as treaties and constitutions. It was important because this was the first government of the Colonies and it named George Washington as the leader of the Continental Army.
  • The war has begun. The colonies are breaking away!
  • We should declare our independence to the king and make it official!
  • I agree. We should let the world know of our decision!
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