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Updated: 1/11/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Tang and SongDynasties (618 ad-1279 ad)
  • (Sigh)Ugh, can we lock them in the dungeon?
  • Blah blah blah adventure blah taxes blah blah
  • ????????????????????????????????????????
  • Yuan Dynasty (1271 ad-1368 ad)
  • OFF TO JAPAN!!!!
  • Ming Dynasty (1368 ad-1644 ad)
  • Right Awaymy Emperor
  • The most powerful Tang rulers was Taizong. He restored the civil service exams, gave land to farmers, and stabilized the countryside.In the late 600s Wu, the only woman to rule a country on her own, added more officials to the government, and strengthened China's military forces, because of the Tang, China regained much of its power in Asia and expanded.When the Tang Dynasty weakened, military leaders ruled China until on of the generals declared himself emperor and made the Song Dynasty which was a time of prosperity and cultural achievement for China.The Song faced problems and they didn't have enough soldiers to control the large empire. Tibet broke away and the nomads took control of Northern China.
  • Tang (618 ad-907 ad)Song (960 ad-1279 ad)
  • The Mongols conquered southern China and ended the Song dynasty. Kublai Khan, the grandson of Genghis Khan, started the Yuan dynasty. Yuan means “beginning,” and it shows the Mongols wanted to rule for a long time.Mongols were at the top of Chinese society, but like Chinese, were Buddhists. Mongol leaders got the top jobs in China's government. Kublai Khan let the Chinese scholar-officials run the government.Under Mongol rule, China reached the height of its wealth and power, prospered from increased overland trade with other areas, and expanded a great amount.Mongols had their own language, laws, and customs, but were tolerant with other religions and invited Christians, Muslims, and Hindus to practice their religion.
  • Yuan Dynasty (1271 ad-1368 ad)
  • A series of rebellions drove out the Mongols and a rebel leader named Zhu Yuanzhang became emperor. He reunited southern China and founded the Ming or "Brilliant" Dynasty.Ming emperors made all of the decisions. They restored the civil service examinations and made it harder, compiled a census to collect taxes more accurately, and because of the strong government providing peace and stability, China's economy began to grow. Agriculture thrived and Ming rulers repaired and expanded the Great Canal to have goods be shipped from southern to northern China.Ming emperors built a large fleet of ships to explore the world. Zheng He was the leader of these journeys and traveled to southeast Asia, India, Arabia, and East Africa. Many grew rich from trade which added to China's wealth and this had spread China's culture.
  • Ming Dynasty (1368 ad-1644 ad)
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