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Unknown Story
Updated: 11/8/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Tom was wondering through the woods one day and stumbled upon a skull and then met old scratch who then offered him a deal which was giving tom the treasures Pirate the Kidd had buried and being a successful money leader in exchange for his soul.
  • Tom went back home to tell his wife who he does not get along with about the deal and says if he doesn't make the deal then she will and so she decides to set off for the forest to try and find old scratch.
  • Once his wife never made it back home he went looking for her in the woods and found an apron tied to a tree branch with a vulture guarding it that contained his wife's remains.
  • Tom went to seal the deal with old scratch and became a successful but greedy money leader and an active churchgoer
  • One day one of Tom's clients brought up that Tom has already made so much money off of him and Tom says "If i have, Let the devil take me away."
  • After that, Old scratch takes Tom and throws him on the back of his black horse and took him away and all of Tom's possessions go up in flames.
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