The Geography of Rome
Updated: 12/8/2020
The Geography of Rome

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  • Location and Geography of Rome
  • Myth of Romulus and Remus
  • Etruscan Influence of Engineering
  • The early roman geography concluded of a village on a hill next to a river. It then stretched over to several hills and villages.
  • Etruscan Influence of Sports
  • Romulus and Remus were two sons of a princess. their father was the roman god of war, Mars. the princesses uncle became nervous and afraid that the two brothers would grow up to take his throne, so he ordered his men to drown them in the Tiber river. just before they drowned a wolf came and saved them. they both decided to build a town on the river when they were older. Romulus killed his brother when the argued about who would be king
  • Greek Influence of Architecture
  • the Romans have taken many ideas of engineering and architecture from the Etruscan. some include the arch and cuniculus. the arch has two pillars with two half circle wedges and a keystone in the middle. a cuniculus was a trench with vertical shafts to the ground above. they were used to irrigate crops or spread water.
  • Greek Influence of Writing, Art, and Religion
  • Sports were also taken from the Etruscans. the Romans used slave fighting and chariot racing from the Etruscans. in slave fighting a deceased masters strongest two slaves would fight to the death, the winner was executed. every sport in Rome was held in the Colosseum.
  • just like how the Romans took ideas from the Etruscans, they took some ideas off of the Greeks. the Romans used the pillar from the Greeks, they also built their temples of their god in marble. they also used concrete in the creation of the Colosseum and other important building
  • the Romans also took the Greek religion and renamed their gods. the Etruscans took the Greek alphabet then adapted and taken by the Romans. Greek and roman art and pottery are so similar that their is a term for it, Greco-roman
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