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Unknown Story
Updated: 9/18/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Tea Act
  • TAX ON TEA!!!
  • GO AWAY!!
  • Boston Tea Party Part 1
  • Boston Tea Party Part 2
  • i have to tax you
  • Ughh!
  • The people of british were angry because they believed that this act was taxation without representation. they could only buy tea from the distributors, which did cost more.
  • intolerable acts part 1
  • The boston tea party was an act in which they were fed up with the fact that they were being taxed without represented. They went to the boats delivering the tea booked their entrance and threw dozens of tea boxes out the window.
  • Intolerable Acts part 2
  • You have to let me in... ITS THE LAW
  • When they finished with the tea britain wanted to punish them for what they had thrown away.
  • lexington and concord
  • the intolerable act were a set of acts in which they were trying to get their idea that their rule over british was extremely controlling. They would pour tar on people and feather them before they pour steaming hot tea down down their throats. and they would do all of this to make sure that that taxer the king sent.
  • These acts formed because of 3 things. consequences to the tea act, the townshend acts, and the boston tea party. All of which had consequences but were ignoring the real issue.
  • The beginning of a revolutionary war, it has 3 different battles 1/3 in which the colonists actually won. these battles were strategic and focused on technique which some didn't have.
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