the cask of amontillado
Updated: 2/10/2020
the cask of amontillado

Storyboard Text

  • luchesi? nonsense, he can't tell sherry from amontillado
  • Fortunato! i'm very excited to see you, im on my way to talk to luchesie about amontillado
  • come lets go to the catacombs then
  • they agree to go to his catacombs
  • no i'm fine, its just a cough
  • cough cough
  • they open a bottle of wine and toast, montrsser to fortunatos long life and fortunato to the dead people
  • we can go back because your coughing
  • my family crest is a foot stepping on a snake while the snake bites the heel of the foot
  • as they are walking through the catacombs montresser telle fortunato about his family crest
  • they reach the opening at the end and montresser chains fortunato to the wall
  • montresser is putting a wall up on fortunato as he starts to wake up and scream
  • Ahhhhhh
  • fortunato!
  • Fotunato!
  • no
  • fortunato begs for his life but montrsser won't free him, they argue and fortunato stops replying and dies
  • hahaha this is really funny when i get out of here we can joke about this i wont tell anyone