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Updated: 1/31/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Paleolithic
  • Neolithic Rev Farming
  • Having animals is such a blessing
  • This here is the Paleolithic time period. It shows how cavemen survived during the BC era. They really didn't have a lot of knowledge like how we people do know as we start to evolve.
  • Hunting
  • Well we have dinner now! :)
  • Farming
  • Let's call it a day!
  • The Neolithic age is a new era by the people during this time and they are smarter than the people during the Paleolithic time. The reasons are that they're being able to craft tools for hunting with also being able to grow their own crops/ raise animals.
  • Scientist
  • Hunter-gatherers were people that traveled with groups of 7+ and they had to hunt animals and collect plant foods for food supply.
  • Slash and Burn was a plan for groups to approach all trees and cut them down and burn it so they can have large amounts of field for farms and crops. Farming is having crops and being able to use them for variety of reasons once fresh. Fire is a bright flame that gives out intense heat and can be used for multiple reasons.
  • Archaeologist were the ones that helped discover things they never knew about in the past with the use of technology and tools. Also, Anthropologist were a big factor too they study the background information on someones life.
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