A Christmas Carol Chapter 6
Updated: 5/11/2020
A Christmas Carol Chapter 6

Storyboard Text

  • I can´t be angry with,´ I don´t mind asking him and I will keep asking him every year to come and join us at Christmas. Maybe one day he´ll say "yes". So! Let´s drink toast to my uncle Scrooge. I wish him a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
  • We must visit another house now,´ said the spirit as he took Scrooge to the poor part of town. They walked to a small house of Bob Cratchit, Scrooge´s clerk at the office. There were many children around a table, getting ready for dinner
  • Such a large family, with so little money,´ said the ghost. Scrooge did not say anithing to that. At that very moment, Bob Cratchit entered, carrying his little son on his shoulder. The boy was very ill and he used used a crutch to help him walk. the family went around them to welcome them, and then they all sat down to eat. They had a goose and some potatoes to eat, a little punch to drink, and a few chestnuts on the fire When Mrs Cratchit brought the pudding to the table everybody clapped their hands
  • To my boss, Mr Scrooge, whitout him this dinner would not be possible
  • Oh come now, Mr Scrooge pays you very little. I´d like to give him piece of my mind
  • Come now, dear it´s Christmas. Let´s drink to Mr Scrooge, and Christmas
  • To Christmas, then, and to Scrooge´s healt. A merry Christmas and happy nwe year
  • Tell me, spirit, will Tiny Tim ever get better?
  • Scrooge hung his head down, and felt sad. The spirit took him to other people, rich and poor. It was a long nigh, and then ghost said: I must be going. "My time is ending. Do not forget what you have seen tonigth." The clock struck twelve and the ghost of Christmas present disappeared, and Scrooge was alone again
  • If nothing changes in the future , this will be his last Christmas. But after all, if he dies, there will be less poor people. You said that before didn´t you?