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Unknown Story
Updated: 1/22/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Introducing the Hero
  • The Villains
  • The Helpers
  • Once upon a Time there was a beautiful brown young lady named Malaysia who lived in Atlanta Georgia. Malaysia's mother passed away 3 years before hand and she was living with her dad and insane stepmother and two step sisters.
  • Meeting the Princess
  • The two sisters are named Sasha and Sarah and the step mothers name is Katie. The two sisters yelled at Malaysia and made her do their laundry. Whenever Malaysia's dad wasn't home they hit her and made her do their things along with the stepmother.
  • Its Me!
  • One day Malaysia went out the house crying because she had just been told she can't go to the ball coming up. While outside cleaning the yard and singing a friendly, fluffy owl came to her and started to sing along.
  • The Prize
  • Shortly after finishing the yard the owl starts to speak.. Malaysia started to tell the owl how much she really wanted to go to this ball and how her disgusting sisters and step mother get to go and she can't. The owl said "No worries I got this. The owl flapped his wings and appeared a dress, beautiful heels and a horse and carriage. Next thing you know she was standing in front of the most beautiful woman shes ever seen. But she can only stay until midnight because that is when the spell goes away.
  • After having an amazing night with princess Asia, Malaysia had to run out of the ball at 11:57. While on the way out the door Malaysia dropped her earring with her initials on it. The princess Asia picked up the earring and just knew she had to find this girl. Asia went all over town asking people if they have the other earring and nobody had it. She had one more house to go to. She knocked on the door and the step mother and sisters were screaming with excitement. Asia showed the ring and Malaysia showed the other one and the "family" was really upset.
  • After finding the woman of her dreams princess Asia asked Malaysia to dance. They danced all night and Malaysia was asked to live with the princess. Of course Malaysia said yes. Time went by and they were getting married about to be living their lives happily every after.
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