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Updated: 3/11/2020
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  • Sally's cat is stuck on the tree. She is standing 7ft from the tree. The angle of elevation is 35 degrees. The angle of depression is 105 degrees. She wants to know how high the tree is to rescue her cat.
  • Oh no! My cat is stuck!
  • Sally uses law of sine21sin(34∘)/sin(113∘)=12.7572ftshe goes to find a ladder that is 12.7 feet tall.
  • Sally uses the law of sine. c/sin(105°) = 7/sin(35°)c = ( 7 / sin(35°) ) × sin(105°)c = ( 7 / 0.574... ) × 0.966.c = 11.8
  • I need to find a ladder that is at least 11.8ft tall.
  • The hypotenuse is 15ft tall, and Sally is standing is 5ft away from the ladder. The angle is opposite the height is unknown.
  • I need to find the angle first!
  • Sally uses the the inverse of cosine.cos-1= 5/15= 70 degrees
  • Sally uses the law of sine to find the height of the ladder.a=b sin(A) / sinB=15sin(70∘)/sin(90∘)=14.0954m
  • The ladder is tall enough!
  • Come her kitty!
  • YAY!
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