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Unknown Story
Updated: 10/7/2020
Unknown Story
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  • If us Republicans would just allow anyone who is wealthy and educated to lead, we would end up being like England all over again. These Federalists need to come to come to their senses.
  • How can these Republicans think that it is perfectly fine for our country to have political leaders leading this new and hopefully successful country? We need wealthy and well educated people.
  • The Republicans are stupid to think that if we had a state government we would succeed. If we don't want to make a fool out of ourselves, we would do the reasonable thing and decide that we should have more central government.
  • The state government should most certainly be in complete control. Why would anyone want a redo of Britain? We are certainly not going to make it if these idiotic Federalists are convinced that we need a central government.
  • My name is Thomas Jefferson. Alexander Hamilton and his Federalists might be all for making a second British country. But we Republicans want to be free. We fought for a free country, and we will get one.
  • I am Alexander Hamilton. I will not stand for Thomas Jefferson and those "Republicans" to take away the chance of a country that could be the greatest of all time. I am the Federalist leader and I will not allow it.
  • Why do I get stared at for being a Republican? I'm not sure. It is perfectly sensible to want to take the Constitution seriously. We should hold people to it so that they understand that it is not something to take lightly. After all, it is the only thing keeping this country together.
  • Who do those Republicans think they are? I will not have them walking around like they own the place. Who really cares about the Constitution? It was just made to satisfy the "Republicans"
  • I don't quit understand why the Republicans favor France. After all, England is the more sensible one to trust. They understand us and they are more reliable. If something were to happen, we could turn to them.
  • What I don't understand is why the Federalist would ever favor England. They were the ones who made us miserable and took away any freedom that we had. France is obviously more trustworthy because at least we know that they aren't going to start a war on us for land and because we want to be free.
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