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Updated: 9/28/2020
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  • Indonesia is located off the coast of mainland Southeast Asia in the Indian.
  • In Indonesia there are dry and wet season.
  • Number Of Population
  • The number of population in Indonesia is about 267.7 million. The Independence day is in 17 August 1945. And the main commodity in Indonesia are palm oil, Gold and palm oil.
  • The way to choose the head of state is to voting/vote the procedure followed a two-round system, with voters simply choosing one of the candidate pairs and The Republic of Indonesia was Until 2002 the president and vice president were elected every five years.
  • The leader
  • Indonesia, country located off the coast of mainland Southeast Asia in the Indian and Pacific oceans. Indonesia have 2 season country which is dry and wet season country.
  • Good Traits of a Leader
  • Find the leader Good Traits
  • Basic Information:the Indonesian type of government is REPUBLIC. Sukarno that led Indonesia berfore. Indonesia doesn't have any civil war.
  • Country Main Problem
  • The Main Problem in Indonesia: - The most country main problem is Poverty
  • How long the leader can lead :The leader can lead by five years, with two limits and for two five-year terms.
  • How to overcome the Problem
  • As a leader, I will solve this problem by means of equitable development so that local people can sell their natural products easily.
  • Reason why I choose these good traits:- I chose Jokowi Widodo's good traits because jokowi always tell the truth and other good traits.- I chose this good traits because I just want to be a nice kid.
  • The good traits that the leader have are humility, brave, caring, and respectful.
  • Explain the condition in my imaginative country:Because there are no schools in rural areas and people from coming to the city are looking for work.
  • The main solution that I can suggest for my country is that there must be justice, there must be development in the regions, and there must be mechanisms in agriculture.
  • All solutions will be done by example, by working hard, and also by striving for these solutions.
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