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Updated: 1/8/2021
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  • Man vs Man
  • Man vs Self
  • men to left! women to right!
  • Man vs God
  • "Our convoy included a few ten- and twelve-year-olds. The officer took an interest in them and gave orders to bring them food"( Wiesel 47) This shows Man vs Man because the kids are being treated well by the officer. They are getting what they need to survive from him.
  • Man vs Nature
  • "There was no time to think, and i already felt my fathers hand press against mine: we were alone"( Wiesel 29) This shows Man vs Self because he is emotional. He lost his mom and sister and he is handling it by himself.
  • Man vs Society
  • Ellie is at dinner eating soup and says " what are you, my god"( Wiesel 66 ) this shows man vs god because he is upset tat all this is happening and second guessing his beliefs. He is frustrated and is thinking about why this is happening if god is supposed to be on his side.
  • "an icy wind was blowing violently" (Wiesel 85). this shows man vs nature because the are fighting the wind and cold. they were told to go faster and that helped them stay a little more warm.
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