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Oedipus the King Part 2 - John Domingo
Updated: 9/23/2020
Oedipus the King Part 2 - John Domingo
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  • He then answered the riddle given to him by the sphinx. And she hurled her self off the mountain.
  • He was hailed as a hero for driving the sphinx away. And was crowned as king of Thebes as replacement for the mysteriously vanished previous King of Thebes.
  • He was then married to the Queen and wife of the previous King of Thebes. Later the Queen giving birth to 4 children
  • After several years past by the drought came to Thebes.He then sent Creon to investigate at the Temple of Apollo, to know that the drought would not be lifted until the murderer of the previous king be found. After investigating and asking people all leads to one answer to ask the blind prophet
  • After looking and asking the blind prophet Tiresias he then was revealed that he , Oedipus was the one who murdered the previous King but he ignored as he rolled his eyes and went away.
  • Oedipus rushed back home to explain the problem to his wife. And remembered several years ago where he killed the old man who made him furious and all of his servants
  • He then looked for the witness that survived from the carnage he created and then after hearing the shocking truth the witness said, "it was Oedipus who killed my King." and rushed back home after the queen lying to Oedipus and kill her.
  • Yet the queen had already commited suicide and in a panic he immediately gouged his eyes using the queen's hairpin. Oedipus who could now see the truth but is blind to the world did the only honorable thing by banishing himself with his 2 daughters and left his 2 sons to rule the in his place.
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