Updated: 1/5/2021

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  • In this scene a girl that is working is describing herself but the British guards are forcing her to go back to work.
  • I am sorry, I am going back.
  • HI my name is Emily. I am working with my mom.
  • I Can not believe this PLEASE! Help.
  • HEY! GO back to work! You are not on BREAK!.
  • GUARD! Get the ACADIANS out of British and send them to the French or the thirteen colonies.
  • In this scene the King of British is ordering a guard to get the Acadians out of British.
  • Ok your honour the Acadians will be out of British in 15 mins.
  • In this scene the guard is telling the Acadians to pack their bags so they could get on the ship and go to the thirteen colonies or to the French.
  • No Please, give us a chance. We are poor and have no food or money.
  • I don't care. The King said so, get your bags and your getting on the ship.
  • Okay, Acadians you are leaving British and going to the thirteen colonies or French.
  • In this scene the Acadians are loading onto the ship and are leaving British.
  • Ok time to go. STOP CRYING!!
  • In this scene the kids are hungry but the mom has no food.
  • I am sorry children, we never got food. we have to starve till we get there.
  • In this scene the mom and the children are asking for help but people are not helping them. They will die of starvation and not get any help. THE END!
  • OH I am sorry. Children I guess we have to starve to death and not get help.
  • May you please help us?
  • Hello any body there to help us.
  • NO.
  • I am not helping you. I am already poor and I can not afford to help you. GO AWAY
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