macbeth 2
Updated: 12/17/2020
macbeth 2

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  • watch out for Macduff;No man born of a woman can harm you;And your safety will be held until Great Birnam Wood reaches Dunsinane Hill
  • Every one borns from a woman so I am safe
  • All the murders that were done by Macbeth, my husband, are because of my fault, and I can't live with this fault
  • Hi Malcom I am Macduff, I want that you join with me to defeat Macbeth, he is crazy
  • I accept to join with you, I want to revenge my Dad, Duncan
  • Thats true, I was severed from mine mother's womb
  • The witchs had reason of all
  • This is imposible, the witchs told me that no man born of a woman can harm me
  • 1603
  • Today, I become king, in my family is an story, that one day some witchs told to one old familiar, Banquo, that his desendants will become kings, and now we can prove that that profecy was correct
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