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Updated: 9/22/2020
Unknown Story
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  • The reasons for the Charter of 1732 at English Parliament(KingGeorge III, James Oglethorpe)
  • The voyage of the Anne (James Oglethorpe and the original colonists)
  • Establishing Savannah at Yamacraw Bluff (James Oglethorpe, Mary Musgrove, Tomochichi)
  • King George III and James Oglethorpe discussed the reasons for the charter and colonizing what is now know as the United states.
  •  Georgia as a Trustee Colony ( Trustees, Jews, Salzburgers, Highland Scots, Malcontents)
  • James Oglethorpe and Mary Musgrove traveling to the United States along with some colonists.
  •  Georgia as a Royal Colony ( Royal Governors, colonists, slaves, land ownership, alcohol, lawyers)
  • James Oglethorpe and Mary Musgrove speaking with Tomochichi. Mary Musgrove was a translator so that James Oglethorpe and Tomochichi could communicate.
  • Goods and Services produced and traded in Colonial Georgia (silk, rice, indigo, tobacco, tailoring,blacksmithing, farming)
  • I am a rice and tobacco farmer!
  • I am a tailor, and I work with silk!
  • State your jobs with this colony
  • Georgia was originally used as a trustee colony and it had 5 different groups living in the colony. They are the Trustees, Jews, Salzburgers, Malcontents, and the Highland Scots.
  • Georgia was also used as a royal colony and had many different types of people living there with different jobs.
  • There were many jobs in colonial Georgia. People traded silk, rice, indigo, tobacco, and other things they farmed. Two jobs that made things to trade are blacksmithing and tailoring.
  • I am an indigo farmer!
  • I am a blacksmith!
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