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Unknown Story
Updated: 11/21/2019
Unknown Story
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  • your dog looks so beautiful
  • thanks
  • here chicken chicken
  • One afternoon Molly went outside for a run with her dog Melo. She got to the point where she was tied of running and took a break . With Molly big round eyes she saw an old lady sitting down on a beach looking around with a smile on her face. The old lady got close to Molly and told her that Melo is a beautiful dog. Thank you said Molly. the old lady asked if she wanted to do help her clean her house since she was very old. Molly aceped.
  • The old lady said to Molly if she can set up her bed. Molly is very strong and has muscles so it was easy for her.
  • the next day Molly went back to visit the old lady and Melo came too. Nice to see you again! , greeted the old lady to Molly. she asked Molly if she could do her laundry and after feed her chickens. Molly has long and fast legs so she did everything very quick.
  • Molly was going to the old lady bedroom and found a Molly found a picture of the old lady family. In the picture was a man,a women that seemed like the old lady, and a little boy. Molly was very curious of where her family was at. Molly thought maybe thay went out for a bite. Then Molly went looking for her to ask. The old lady looked at her and told her that her husband and son had left her. Molly felt sorry and gave the old lady a huge.
  • Molly then visited the old lady almost every day thay became close friends. One day Molly noticed that the old lady was getting sick and started to cough a lot. Her cough got worse day by day. After a few days Molly noticed that the old lady was running out of pills so she surprised her by giving the old lady more pills the old lady was so happy and appreciated.
  • A couple days later Molly Melo and the old lady they went to the park and talk about life. The old lady told Molly how glad she was to have someone like her.
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