Unknown Story

Updated: 9/7/2021
Unknown Story

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  • We are going to Abolish slavery, it is wrong and immoral
  • NOOOOOOO, It is my God given right!
  • I pray for the good of this country and for the abolition of Slavery.
  • Alright family, we are finally in the North, away from slavery. I will take a job as a farmer through share cropping.
  • I will work in a factory!
  • I will maintain the house and make meals.
  • It is officially declared, that Missouri is to become a slave state.
  • Fine, we will make Maine a state, a free state
  • How may I help you sir?
  • Hello, I am here to apply for admittance into the US.
  • Alright guys, we made it to Kansas from Missouri, quickly vote for Kansas to become a slave state.