China's reunifications
Updated: 1/16/2020
China's reunifications
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  • Well I say we rebel to the throne. Today shall be the first day of the rebellion.
  • It sucks to be a peasant here in the Han dynasty.
  • Yeah
  • Yeah
  • good idea
  • he's pretty smart
  • Let us peasants fight back. CHARGE!!!
  • Hello I am general Taizu, prepare be taken over Han dynasty. This is the start of a new dynasty. I'll call it the Song dynasty, it'll control all of eastern China.
  • After founding the dynasty the Song dynasty split up into two sections, the north was unfortunately taken over by another dynasty called the Jin.
  • Overtime the Song dynasty created important inventions such as silk and gunpowder, these inventions led to the creation of more inventions, gunpowder led to fireworks and firecrackers. Eventually, it led to rockets and eventually to bullets. Silk helped the Song dynasty be prosperous in trade. Inventions such as the water clock and the testing system were also very important to the society.
  • Silk shirt(Made in China)
  • Confucianism was once the main belief of the Song dynasty. This was a very strict but orderly time. Everything was in perfect order. This was until Neo-Confucianism was created. Neo-Confucianism is a belief that takes the elements of Buddhism and Daosim and mixes it together.
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