Unknown Story
Updated: 3/9/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • tornado brain
  • cat patrick
  • exposition
  • there are in school and they hear the counselor on the speakers and he said that every on need to go to the auditorium
  • ok class go to the auditorium
  • this is the counselor speaking we need every on to the auditorium
  • climax
  • i dont know
  • conflict
  • who do you think it is
  • when all the kids got there they were confused and then the counselor said that there was a kid missing and then they all started to talk to each other
  • there is a kid missing
  • rising action
  • who do you think it and her friend because we have not seen her for a long time
  • she calls her friend and they are talking about who they think it is and they think it is there friend because they have not seen her for a long time
  • they found out who it is and it is her because he has seen her the day before she was missing
  • i think it is colette
  • same because i seen her the day after she was missing
  • lets call her
  • they were about to call her to see if they can see if she will anwser but her mom came and picked her up
  • ok bye
  • come on lets go home
  • falling action