Unknown Story
Updated: 3/11/2020
Unknown Story

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  • hey look that mr under pant
  • stop plases
  • hey mr under pant
  • if you call mr under pant i will tell the teathere
  • oh, here is mr under pant ok fine
  • first , in the bus First, when luis came in the bus he hread the max said that "hey look that mr under pant'' so when max that some kids lauge . and that feel like you stop hreading what is max is saying that you going to be hurt in the feel .
  • then the class When luis he can not hold the funny word that max said he said "hey mr under pant " so then luis said that"stop plases" if a word hurt you fight the word and say some thing so it stop and to not max some is again it hurt if someone say thing about you.
  • when luis came to break That the end luis was a bevare person and say to max to "if you call me mr under pant i will the teather