Unknown Story
Updated: 3/11/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Step 1: Approach
  • Step 2: Demonstration
  • Step 3: Answering Questions
  • One day Robert asked Amy what she was in for. Amy explained that she just got a signed basketball and wanted something to protect it. It was important for her to find the best protection.
  • Step 4: Closing the Sale
  • Robert had the perfect solution for Amy's basketball to stay protected. Robert presented to Amy the protective block for the autographed basketball. The protective case was known for protecting basketballs.
  • Step 5: Follow Up
  • Amy had a lot of concerns about the protective block because it was see-through and didn't look like it could handle a fall. Robert understood and talked her through all the benefits she would have like the protective lining of the box and the strong grip it had.
  • Amy made a decision to buy the protective block because Robert also offered her a warranty for two years because of how worried she was with the block. Robert also offered her a stand to set the block on. Amy bought both the protective block and stand.
  • A week later Robert called Amy asking her how she liked her protective block and stand. Amy exclaimed that Robert was an amazing help and got exactly what she needed. She told him she would go to him whenever she needed something for herself.