Unknown Story

Updated: 5/22/2020
Unknown Story

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  • They knelled before the queen in defeat. Knowing that the rebellion to stop Queen homework was defeated. But when the queen started to ask questions they refused to answer. Until she was fed up she sentenced them to execution in 10 days.
  • They were then put in to a dungeon so deep the roots of trees started here. They started to make up a plan of escape but gave up when they found out the queen's elite guards were guarding their cell.
  • The rebellion went to the only allies they had, The western homework pass rebellion. They went to talk with the leader about meeting that could stop Queen Homework. Forever....
  • The two Lt Generals meet with the king, they asked him to send messengers to all the rebellions and for him to host a meeting here at his castle. He said yes he shall send them tonight.
  • The king led the men to meet their most elite soldiers, he also said he will not be able to offer all his forces because he has barbarians to deal with but he could give them his Rangers.
  • The young messenger was of to the northern Snow day warriors to deliver the message but little did he know that when he reached the forest there wold be a whole new challenge....