Our Vision
Updated: 10/20/2018
Our Vision
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Explaining the Church vision for children

Storyboard Text

  • Our Church Vision!
  • Hi there! Join us as we explore our Church Vision...
  • What is a 'Church Vision'?!!!
  • A church vision are goals for the people who go to that church to achieve...
  • A goal? Like how I want to be a famous footballer when I am older?
  • Yes... it is like that, but this goal is something the that the people at church want to do together, like a football team reaching the final in a Championships...
  • ...Or like how we want to make £50 in our school bake sale for charity?
  • That is right!
  • God has given Pastor George three goals for us and everyone at church to achieve.
  • That's cool!
  • Wow! Three goals
  • What are the three goals?
  • Let me show you...
  • Goal 1 Discipleship
  • How to say the word... DEE- SI-PEL-SHIP
  • We need to learn more about God so that we can become better followers of Jesus. We need to teach others about God so that they can be better followers as well.
  • Discipleship = TEACH
  • That is good! I want to know more about God.
  • Goal 2 Evangelism
  • How to say the word... E-VAN-JE-LISM
  • We need tell others about Jesus, so that others can become followers as well. Just as God instructs us in the Bible
  • Evangelism = TELL
  • Goal 3 Community
  • Community = TEAM
  • We need to work together and help others in our family, High Wycombe and the world
  • We can help with chores at home and perhaps volunteer at school when teachers or class mates are asking for help...
  • ...Or I can make a card for my next door neighbour who is not well to cheer her up
  • How can we do that?!
  • Let's write the Church's vision down so that we won't forget
  • CHURCH VISION Our Church's three goals 1. DISCIPLESHIP= Teach 2. EVANGELISM =Tell 3. COMMUNITY= Team
  • Let's pray... Lord, thank You for our church. Please help us to remember and achieve the three goals for our church. Amen
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