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Updated: 3/11/2020
Unknown Story

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  • -As soon as I saw Charlie ,I felt a huge rage because my parents had been murdered by black man and because of it traumatized and become a racist
  • Hiiiiiiii
  • 2+2=45+5=10
  • - I didn't understand why she was like that to me I was a normal person just had a different color.
  • I couldn't take this anymore, so I decided to talk to a psychologist who happened to be a good friend of my parents. It was through him that I ended up discovering the whole truth about my parents.
  • After all, they had not been murdered but rather died of an overdose caused by drug use.As soon as I heard about it, that trauma and racism passed.I called Charlie to talk and say sorry, we started to be together, we talked, we did jobs together, we started going to the movies and walking together ... and we ended up becoming best friends