Unknown Story
Updated: 2/23/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • 7. POV Pan shot (right)
  • 8. Close up
  • 9. Wide tracking shot
  • Score: 9
  • Georges stands up and looks around, now noticing all of the garbage with health bars. (3s)SFX: Copyright Neutral Pokemon Song
  • 10. Mid dolly Shot
  • Score: 10
  • Georges walks around picking up garbage. (5-6)
  • 11. Medium close up
  • Georges carries away the last piece of trash. (4s)
  • 12. Extreme wide follow shot
  • As Georges throws away the last piece of garbage and his score goes up to 10.A (3s)SFX: Fanfare
  • The trashcan erupts with confetti and the words, "LEVEL COMPLETE" pop up in front of it. (3s)
  • Georges walks home, an unsung hero, as the words "gotta catch all of them" slowly fade onto the screen. (5s)SFX: Triumphant music