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Updated: 12/16/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Plan to Escape the Island
  • Make some wings for the plan
  • Testing the wings
  • King Minos got mad at Daedalus because Theseus could escape the labyrinth that Daedalus had built. So King Minos put Daedalus in a tower, living lonely and having no friends as punishment for him but Icarus helped his dad, Daedalus to escape the tower and started figuring out how to move to a new land not using the vessels.
  • Icarus was in danger!!
  • Daedalus thought even though King Minos control the land and sea but not the air so he would be using that way. Then he told Icarus, collecting a huge pile of feathers, there were many gulls around there. Soon, he completed his work so he just playing around and waiting for Daedalus to make the wings.
  • Daedalus took Icarus to the land
  • At first, Icarus was scared to start flying because he was new to it; so Daedalus made sure to look back, calling Icarus to follow and seeing if he was still okay. But then he started getting into it and enjoying his flight. People around there looked at them and thought both of them were gods.
  • Built a temple to Apollo at Sicily
  • Icarus became so excited. He flying up and straight to the sky through the cloud, closing onto the sun. So that made the wax on the wings melted. He began to sink, and the feathers on the wings started falling off one by one.
  • Daedalus trying his best to save Icarus shouted his son's name through the water but it was too late. He brought Icarus to the land, picking up his last feathers and burying his small son. He named that island Icaria as Icarus in his memory.
  • Now he can fly safely, but not with joy. He came to Sicily and built a temple to Apollo, commemorating Icarus and he gave the wings to it as an offering to the god. Daedalus regretted his small son who had thrown caution to the winds
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