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Roman Empire Fall
Updated: 5/1/2020
Roman Empire Fall
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  • The Consul has been stabbed again!
  • Corrupt officials: never a true emperor for long, as they were constantly overthrown
  • Weakened Roman legions: the replacement of men in the military with mercenaries created a lack of loyalty in the army
  • They say integrity doesn't have a price...I say it does.
  • Heavy taxes for military: As the Army grew, more taxes were required
  • But you took it all already! there's almost none for me
  • We need your money! All of it! Don't you care!
  • When Diocletian split the empire, it caused a divide in wealth
  • Please come Back!
  • Germanic invasions: Raids from people such as the Huns would weaken Rome
  • . Bread and Circuses: The government thought the masses needed two things; Food and entertainment. This overestimated the self-reliance
  • Share the wealth! We need more than entertainment and food!
  • Self-serving upper class: Stopped proving leaders and became obsessed with luxury
  • You feast while we starve!
  • Why should I Care?
  • How many are left?
  • War and Sickness:Population decrease because of disease and war
  • Only about 100. It seems there was also a sickness here
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