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Space Mountain
Updated: 11/3/2020
Space Mountain
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  • It was a cold breezy morning when dark clouds came upon us. We strolled to the gates to wait until 8:00 when the gates open. me, my dad, my brother, and my sister came about 5 minutes early to look around the places before the gate that we didn't have a chance to go. KABOOM! we all heard some lightning. then the gates opened so we all rushed over there but still many people passed us.
  • Hotel
  • YAY!
  • its kinda chilly
  • here we go to Space Mountain!
  • My sister was too afraid to go on the ride with us so one of the workers watched her for us. my dad said ¨make sure you kids where your seatbelts it is very important¨. BOOM! we heard another lightning bolt. we all kinda jumped because that lightning was kinda close. It was our turn next as my heart was racing because I didn't know what to expect
  • make sure you where your seatbelts
  • ok
  • i cant beleve lily didnt come
  • AHHH!
  • we got on and ofcourse my brother had to sit with my dad because he is to little to ride alone. then BOOM! the loudest one yet struck right ontop of the building which made the power go crazy. so we shot across the track and then out of nowhere my dad got a tornado warning.
  • the tornado was created right next to the track and it destroyed part of the track. the rest of the wind from the tornado pushed us to go super fast. we were riding across the streets, passing every ride then we went into tomorrow land I read off a billboard
  • AHHH! the tornado destroyed the track. now were all gonna die
  • then we all saw a Ferris wheel that we were headed for in the cart. but then we all saw a ramp for some reason that we were going to jump. we got launched off the ramp and squeezed through a tiny spot in the Ferris wheel and made it out alive
  • we made it through somehow
  • we slid into this field of grass where the roller costers came to a stop. then the ambulance and firemen came rushing over to see if everything was ok and they cut through the seatbelt so we could get out. and this is why you always wear your seatbelt in case this ever happens or something like this
  • are you guys OK?
  • Yea
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