what you pawn i will redeem
Updated: 3/19/2020
what you pawn i will redeem
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  • Noon
  • ill give you the benefit of the doubt. can you prove its your grandmothers regalia?
  • there it is. you were right. this is your grandmothers regalia
  • that's my grandmothers regalia.
  • if it really is my grandmothers there will be one yellow bead hidden some where on it.
  • 1 P.M.
  • this isn't going to work
  • 4 P.M.
  • I need one thousand four hundred and thirty papers
  • it will cost you 429 dollars for that many
  • the average daily net is about thirty dollars
  • Jackson wanted the regalia back but the pawnbroker said the only way is to sell it back to him, but Jackson didn't have money so the pawnbroker gave them a deal, to come back in 24 hours with the money and he'll sell it back to him. the pawnbroker starts him off with 20 dollar.
  • that's a fortune
  • I won a hundred
  • thank you
  • Jackson took the twenty-dollar bill and the five dollars in loose change to 7-eleven and bought three bottles of imagination. Then sat and tried to figure out how to get the money in one day.
  • as bad as you got
  • 9 P.M.
  • one dollar a shot
  • how much for whiskey shots?
  • you want the bad stuff or the badder stuff
  • Jackson walked to the Real Change office where you buy newspaper for 39 cents and sell them for a dollar and keep the profit. when he realized he was unable to pay for the amount he needs, he told the boss why he needed them. the boss gave him fifty papers for free. he sold five then dumped the rest in the garbage.
  • nine hundred ninety-nine dollars
  • what do you have?
  • five dollars
  • I don't have that
  • how much do you need again?
  • with two dollars and some change in is pocket he went to the Korean grocery store and bought a fifty-cent cigar and two scratch off tickets for a dollar each. the max prize to win was 500 dollars a ticket. he gave Marry a 20 and had 80 left.
  • 7 P.M.
  • after winning the 100 he goes to a bar and buys everyone in there shots using the last of his money. he gets drunk and passes out on the train tracks and his cop friend finds him and gives him 35 dollars
  • all right me and my cousins here are going to be drinking 80 shots
  • he takes the 30 and goes and eats breakfast spends 25. he goes back to the pawnshop with only five and pawnbroker asked if it was the same and if it was worked hard for then he just gave him the regalia.
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