Ms Lea Vehavta Lereaj Kamoja
Updated: 12/12/2020
Ms Lea Vehavta Lereaj Kamoja

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  • At Dad's room at home.
  • Dad, Dad can we go to the bridge to see the graffiti?
  • Yes, sure David but let's go tomorrow morning it's really late.
  • Son, because he can go and buy drugs and alcohol instead of doing what he says, but we should always consider the benefit of the doubt.
  • Dad why don't you just give him money?
  • At the bridge the next day.
  • Please, please help me I need to feed my dog.
  • Sure David, here you go sir 20 dollars I hope it helps.
  • Dad can I give him the money please?
  • Sir, can you please spare a few dollars?
  • Let's discuss this at home son!
  • Dad chase him he is going to buy drugs and alcohol!
  • In David's room after the bridge.
  • Dad I'm so sorry I forgot, I should have thought about the benefit of the doubt.
  • No, Dad why
  • I scram because you didn't listen to what I said. I didn't chase him because of the benefit of the doubt which every person should have.
  • David do you know why I scram at you?
  • In David's room after they made up
  • Dad, today I learned that we should always give the benefit of the doubt to everyone.
  • The best dad ever!
  • Wow, and who taight you that?
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