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Updated: 1/24/2020
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  • George Washington Event#1:
  • George Washington Event#2:
  • Thomas Jefferson Event#1:
  • Washington Had many problems when he was president but he wanted to make a treaty with natives for no more problems of land. It says,"The British and Spanish were trying to stir up native american anger against american settler..To Block these efforts, Washington signed treaties with Native Americans group.(Mc Graw Hill 270)". This shows Good leadership because he is making less enemies and trying to make friends in the land they live.
  • Thomas Jefferson Event#2:
  • Washington tried everything to stay neutral in Europe but there were many struggles that no one would listen. Britain did many thing and took many advantages, it says,"The British captured american ships that traded with the french. Then they forced the american crews into the British navy. Americans outraged by this practice of impressions.(Mc Graw Hill 272)". This tells me that it was hard for Washington to stay neutral because Britain would cause to take over their ships and keep Americans.
  • James Madison Event#1:
  • The Louisiana purchase helped Jefferson to have more territory and helped to make a stronger government. In the 1800's the land expanded ,in the text says,"Jefferson decided the government treaty-making powers allowed the purchase of the new territory. The senate approved the purchase October 1803. The purchase of the Louisiana territory doubled the size of the united states.(Mc Graw hill 298)".Jefferson showed leadership because he wanted to do anything for his people to expand the land so he got approved the purchase and doubled the size of the us.
  • James Madison Event#2:
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