Geologic Time Scale Amazing Race

Geologic Time Scale Amazing Race
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Storyboard Text

  • Better be good
  • Geologic Time Scale Amazing Race
  • This is the new comic book blast from the past
  • Where am I?
  • I should write some jokes about the Paleogene Period.
  • Joke 1
  • Punch LineHe walks straight to the desert trolley.
  • Where does a camel go after he's eaten his main course?
  • But a dino might.
  • Joke 2
  • A saber tooth tiger would never blow anything up.
  • Not Again!
  • I am in the Triassic Period now!
  • I am going to make a sketch of this place!
  • Sketch
  • I think that is in Central Atlantic!
  • NOT AGAIN!.....
  • Are now in Cambrian!
  • This is Sunset Beach but their is just sand!
  • Paleogene means "The old part of the Eocene" and was 66-23.03 million years ago earth's climate was tropical with its chemical makeup of stable Carbon and Oxygen. The continents drifted closer to their modern positions. The plants were Ferns, and Horsetails while the animals were Saber-toothed tigers, Toothed whales, Camels, and Giant wolves. The continents drifting was the major event and scientists found it by the climate change.
  • Triassic comes from Germany where it was originally named the Trias and was from 251.90 Ma to 201.3 Ma years ago and was the Era of Mesozoic. Dry at the beginning but turned humid and was 20% lower oxygen than today and 4 times higher Carbon dioxide than today. The earth still looked a lot like Pangaea. The plants were Conifers and Ginkgos. Animals were lizards, Turtles, Rhynchocephalians, and Crocodilians. The Major event was the Volcanic eruption extinction which was found by the study of geologists studying rocks.
  • The EndBy Conner Giles
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