Let's bake a cake!
Updated: 6/12/2020
Let's bake a cake!

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Modals - must

Storyboard Text

  • MODALSwhen to use 'must'
  • Hello and welcome to our cooking show! My name is Mahra.
  • ...and my name is Alia. Today we are going to make a birthday cake!
  • Now, let's get started! This is what you will need...
  • Yes, yes...we must!
  • Ingredients here
  • Remember, we must always wash our hands before touching food!
  • Title page introducing the grammar rule.
  • First, we must mix the butter and sugar together.
  • Ingredients here
  • Introduction to the characters and storyline. Mahra and Alia are sisters who are going to bake a birthday cake in a pretend cooking show. They are looking directly into the camera. (light music in background)
  • Ingredients here
  • Next, we must add the eggs and the flour!
  • Mahra begins by showing the ingredients. Alia cuts in reminding her to wash their hands before handling food.
  • No, wait! Alia, you must add the baking powder or the cake won't rise!
  • OK, I think we're ready to bake our cake!
  • Ingredients here
  • Mahra begins mixing the ingredients together whilst addressing the 'audience.'
  • OK, now we're ready to bake! Is the oven hot?
  • Alia does the next step of the recipe whilst Mahra looks on.
  • 30 minutes later
  • Thank you so much for watching!
  • Alia grabs the bowl and decides it's ready for baking. Mahra cuts in and tells her the batter is not ready, they are missing an ingredient.
  • Your cake is amazing, girls! You must be so proud of yourselves.
  • Oops...
  • After the baking soda is added, the girls walk over to the oven with Alia carrying the batter. She asks her sister if the oven is hot, and Mahra replies with a concerned expression.
  • Yes, Alia. You must be careful because it's very hot!
  • Ingredients here
  • A sign should appear at the beginning of the scene signalling 30 minutes has passed since the cake went into the oven. The girls show off their cake to the camera and thank their 'audience' for watching.
  • TA DA! Our cake is ready!You must try this recipe!
  • After ending the show, the girls' parents eat a slice of the cake each. They praise the girls for their amazing baking skills.
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