Among the Hidden

Updated: 5/13/2020
Among the Hidden

Storyboard Text

  • Luke Garner is a shadow child from a poor family, a third child who is living illegally in his attic.
  • When rich families move in behind his house, he sees movement when supposedly everyone has left, and decides to investigate, risking people knowing of his existence.
  • He meets Jen Talbot, another shadow child who’s father is a government official. She lives under her father’s bribery. Jen tries to convince Luke to revolt against the government with other shadow children, but he refuses.
  • Jen goes to the protest anyway with about 50 other kids. The police open fire and kill most of them, including Jen.
  • Luke breaks into Jen’s house while looking for her and set of an alarm. He texted in a chat that Jen had showed him that was full of shadow children(now dead), and the police were alerted. Jen’s dad bribes the police and helps Luke hide.
  • Luke has to leave the city, so Jen’s father gives him a new identity(that of a child who recently died), and is sent off to have a new life.