Harriet's Daughter

Updated: 5/5/2020
Harriet's Daughter

Storyboard Text

  • Margaret and Zulma Meet.
  • Thelma?
  • What's your name?
  • Zulma
  • Zulma tells Margaret that shemisses home.
  • I promise you, by the end of the year you would be back in Tobago.
  • Me miss she too, Margaret...bad bad... de goats and de chickens dem... and de sun and...
  • Margaret tries to convince her mother to get a job at her school.
  • Uh huh, but I can't find anything part-time right now.
  • Hey mom - you want to work don't you?
  • He hit me mother you know.
  • Margaret saw children gathered around in the playground so she went to see what was happening. She saw a girl crying, she told the children to leave her alone and asked her what was her name.
  • Zulma's mother and stepfather got into a fight about money.
  • Who? Your stepfather?
  • The Vice Principal calls Margaret into his office to help figure out why Zulma was sad. Margaret figures out that Zulma has "Homesickeness". Margaret promises get Zulma back home.
  • The Underground Railroad game was created.
  • Dogs? Real dogs?
  • Margaret wants her mother to get a job so that her mother could help her pay for Zulma's ticket to Tobago. Her mother explains that her father does not want her to get a full time job.
  • Margaret and her Mother got a lecture from her father about Margaret playing the Underground Railroad game.
  • You will have this nonsense knocked out of you. And it will happen in Barbados.
  • Mom you said I can go to camp again this year. Mom please Help me.
  • Zulma went over to Margaret's house to get over the fact that her mother and stepfather fought.
  • Margaret comes up with the Underground Railroad game when Ti-cush and Zulma comes over to her house to play. She plans to include the children in the neighborhood in their secret game.
  • No, Ti-cush.Not real dogs.
  • But what do you think Zulma?
  • It sound like fun, don't it Ti-cush? Let we try it, nuh?
  • Mr. Cruickshank told Margaret that he is disappointed that she created the game and the other parents are upset. He blames Vashtina for influencing Margaret in her bad behaviour.
  • Your father knows what's best for you Margaret.