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Updated: 8/14/2020
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  • 3. Don't use that word. Its offensive and insensitive
  • 1. Hmm.. I wonder what Mr. Jacobson has planned for us today
  • 2. Probably something retarded. Hey what do you and your wheelchair think well learn today Ben?
  • Karen and Jake talk about their plans and what they might learn today. On the left, Ben patiently waits for the bus to arrive to school, while Jake continues to bully him for his physical appearance.
  • Ableism
  • Ben continues to ponder on the negative remarks by Jake. "Does he know that word makes me feel less valued?" "I wish I wasn't in this wheelchair"
  • Raising Awareness
  • They enter the classroom, with big letters labeled as, "DISABILITY AWARENESS" on the chalkboard. Karen and Jake both seem as if they could care less. Meanwhile, Ben is curious. Mr. Jacobson beings his lecture.
  • Accessibility to Public 
  • The set of beliefs or practices that devalue and discriminate against people with disabilities or chronic health conditions. It is founded under the assumption that those that are disabled need a 'fix' or cure in order to be normal. In turn, this created an oppressive societal structure to those with disabilities, and compounded by different factors such as persons of color, poor people, LBTGQ population, etc.
  • To fight these ideas, we must continue to raise awareness and strengthen anti-discriminatory measures by bringing and listening to the narratives and personal experiences of persons with disabilities. In doing so, we can embrace their experiences and opinions as a positive aspect of society and diversity. 
  • It is important to acknowledge the ongoing prejudice and discrimination, help combat and support against discrimination, and encourage empowerment. This means more accessible parking, access to public facilities, entries that can accommodate accessories (wheelchairs, walking sticks, etc.) through zero steps, wide doors, Braille symbols, and audible signals, more accessible medical equipment, policy modifications, and effective communication.
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