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Perspective storyboard
Updated: 9/16/2020
Perspective storyboard
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  • ~Wha- theres a man-~Hes just like the rest of them~prove it
  • Im different , your human too, i stand with you not against you. I will just you wait.
  • Periodttt
  • Tell em
  • Meanwhile the women didnt trust him he walked in front of them and he was greeted by some unfriendly folk
  • Women are humans to and are subjected to equal pay and rights ,They can do whatever they want without your hassle.
  • ~You are a disgrace.~women should stay in the kitchen
  • The men did not chane their mind and gathered their brothers to hassle them
  • Were gonna have you executed since you want to protest our beliefs.
  • Your a disgrace
  • Women are the carriers of children and they have a right to be our equals or even above us
  • We found a disgracable man who needs to be taught a lesson
  • It is against our laws and beliefs.
  • Women are supposed to be under a mans control and if they arent
  • ~ Fighting for equal rights is good.~dont you feel like your bein mistreated join us
  • Im going but my work will never be finished
  • We will be strong and unite our sisters ,you will not be forgotten
  • You are going against our laws and you a disgrace to men
  • You sir come with me
  • He was put into jail but his protest was never forgotten now all women in this country and around the world protest for their rights
  • I may have been arrested and i will be executed but at least i know i inspired more woman to fight for their freedom
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