4th Quarter Book Project by Cole Halliwell

Updated: 5/25/2021
4th Quarter Book Project by Cole Halliwell

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  • SCHOOLED  by Gordon KormanCole Halliwellper 4
  • Schooled Gordon KormanCole Halliwell per 4
  • Vote for Cap Anderson!
  • I got your shoes!
  • This book is dedicated to my loving grandma, Rain. She has made me into the free spirited, kind hearted person I am today.
  • Garland Farm, this is where I, Capricorn Anderson, was born and raised. It's an alternative farm commune where my grandma, Rain and I live. We take care of all the land, tend to our fruit and vegetable gardens and keep away from the outside world where people are consumed by money and material things.
  • One day, Rain was up on a ladder picking fruit when she fell and hurt herself badly and could no longer take care of me. While Rain was in rehab, she sent me to live with Mrs. Donnelley, who used to live at Garland with her. I could no longer be homeschooled, I was now enrolled at Cleaverage Middle School, which every kid referred to a "C Average Middle School." Everything here was unfamiliar to me. The students, the teachers, the lockers, everything around me was new, and as the new kid I was the target for everything.
  • Being a hippie, I stood out to everyone with my long blond hair and my tie dye clothes. People would launch spit balls at me and trip me, but I never let it bother me, I barely even noticed. Zach Powers and his friends like Darryl, Naomi, and Lena were behind all of this. They were always picking on kids that they thought were nerds. I became friends with Hugh Winkleman, who was happy I was the new kid because it took the target off of him. Before I came to this school, Hugh was used to spit balls being thrown at him, daily wedges, and constantly being tripped.
  • Hugh didn't have any friends, but now we each had each other. Zach and all his friends made posters to vote for me as 8th grade president, as a joke. It was a tradition to vote for the biggest nerd at school as the president. Of course, I didn't know that. He told everyone to vote for me! There were posters all over the school walls encouraging kids to "Vote for Cap Anderson for 8th grade president!." Who would vote for me? I didn't know anyone in this whole entire school besides Hugh Winkleman.
  • The school principal, Mr. Kasigi made an announcement over the loud speaker to the whole school notifying the students that I, Cap Anderson, was the only student running for 8th grade president and continued "So Cap Anderson is our president!" I won, but I didn't really know what exactly I had won. This was nothing like homeschooling with Rain. Zach came up to me after I had won and he told me that the president had to learn all eleven hundred student's names and plan the entire halloween dance. 
  • I had never even been to a dance before and I definitely had never seen so many people in my life. How could I ever learn eleven hundred names? Back at home with Mrs. Donnelly, I asked her daughter, Sophie, if I could borrow her yearbooks. I had to study all of the faces so I could learn everyone's name. It was very obvious that Sophie didn't want me in her house. She called me names like "freakazoid" and always made fun of me for doing Tai Chi in front of the house. One time she even poured a bucket of water on me while I was doing Tai Chi, in hopes that it would make me stop. I guess I embarassed her.
  • When I did Tai Chi at school in front of my locker I would close my eyes and Zach Power's and all his friends would take the opportunity to steal my shoes when I wasn't looking. I am not sure why they would want to take my shoes but they did. Zach was the coolest kid at school. All the girls liked him and all the kids did what he told them to do. Life at C Average middle school was rough. Mrs. Donnelly was nice to me and I enjoyed living at her house, but I missed her so much and I just wanted to go home. I couldn't wait for her to be done with rehab so we get get back to our normal life at Garland. 
  • Most days at school I would get notes in my locker, some from an admirer, and others notifying me about student government meetings I had to attend. The admirer always asked me to meet her in places at school that didn't exist and the student government meetings always led me to rooms that were either locked or that I could never find. I was always looking for where the notes would tell me to go, but they would lead me to nowhere. I couldn't imagine that people would just be messing with me.
  • One day, on the bus ride home from school, it started off like a typical day, with spit wads being launched across the bus, then all of a sudden Mr. Rodrigo, the bus driver, toppled onto the floor. I ran to the front of the bus and hopped in the drivers seat and yelled "Where's the hospital?" For the very first time, the entire bus was silent. I drove as fast as I could, knowing that Mr. Rodrigo needed help right away. Luckily, Rain had taught me how to drive.
  • Unfortunately, my driving skills were apparently not as good as I thought they were because police started chasing the bus. I knew I couldn't pull over because a life was in danger. As soon as we got to the hospital the police put me in hand cuffs. I explained how Rain had taught me how to drive and even though I didn't have a drivers license I was trying to do a good thing.
  • The next day at school kids were coming up to me, one after another, asking me all about the bus incident. I don't know why everyone made it such a big deal but everyone wanted to talk to me and they all started asking me about the halloween dance, too. First, someone told me what type of music we should have at the dance and suggested a DJ. I told them they could be in charge of the music. Another student suggested what decorations we should have so I put them in charge of the decorations.
  • This went on and on and I was learning all the kid's names as they came up to talk to me. Rain always taught me to never give up and never give in. I was on a mission to learn everyone's name at C Average Middle School. Now, I also had hundreds of volunteers helping to plan the halloween dance. Kids were actually starting to like me! One day I went into the art room and found Naomi working with paints. I went up to her and showed her how to tie dye clothing. She had so much fun that she had grabbed
  • everything she could find and tie dyed it. We thought the teacher would be mad when she walked in, but instead she thought it was so cool that she went on the loud speaker and said "Anyone who wants to learn how to tie dye, come to the Art Room and Cap Anderson will teach you." Kids raced to the Art Room and soon the whole school was filled with kids wearing tie dye clothing, thanks to me. Now I was the most popular kid at C Average Middle School. This made Zach Powers mad! The night of the big football
  • between C Average Middle School and our rival middle school, Zach got Hugh to turn on me by telling him I was better friends with everyone else now and that I hadn't paid attention to Hugh. I thought Hugh was my friend when he gave me a football jersey to wear to the game, not knowing it was the other teams jersey, I put on. When I came out of the locker room, Darryl and all of the other football players at C Average tackled me. I think Darryl felt the worst about it when he realized it was me, Cap.
  • Darryl knew only one person could be behind this, Zach Powers. Darryl went to punch his old friend Zach and I tried to stop it but unfortunately I got in the way and got punched in the face. I was raced to the hospital with two black eyes and a bloody nose. Rain showed up at the hospital, done with rehab, ready to take me home to Garland. I had been waiting for this day ever since I arrive at the Donnelly's house.
  • When we arrived home, I looked around and realized how quiet it was and how empty it now seemed and I actually missed the loud halls of C Average Middle School. I told Rain I needed to go back for the dance I planned & say goodbye to everyone. I had to sneak out because she said no. On my way back to school, Sophie accidentally ran into me, but I was ok. She took me back to school and brought Mickey and Minnie ears as costumes for us.
  • When we got to school, I though were the only ones in costume. Kids crowded the parking lot, all wearing tie dye. They got on the microphone saying hoy much they missed me and what a great person I was. The last time they saw me was as I headed to the hospital so they thought I was dead. They had all dressed up like me! They were so happy when I yelled out "Everything's ok! I'm not dead!" Rain showed up to see how much I meant to everyone.
  • I said goodbye to every single student, one by one, not missing a single name. Rain sold Garland and let me move in with Mrs. Donnelly again while she found us a new house so that I could attend school with all of my new friends. The End.