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Updated: 10/28/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Augustine Washington, Georges father, had passed due to cold travelling, George was just 11.
  • Father!
  • George, during fathers travels he was struck ill and had then passed soon after.
  • During Washington's early life he attended grade school and enjoyed riding horses however after his fathers death his education began to fade due to there new lack of wealth.
  • But why, what about my education?
  • you'll be tutored from home.
  • Lawrence Washington.
  • Even though Washington's education began to crumble he would try and educate himself. He'd try to memorize facts and read numerus books during his free time.
  • George was born in the British colonies not far from the Potomac river.
  • Georges loving and caring older brother Lawrence had taken the duties of raising Washington to be a colonial man.
  • At 16 George became a surveyor and he was hired by William Fairfax, one of the wealthiest land owners in Virginia.
  • Thank you for the opportunity sir.
  • My pleasurer.
  • He completed nearly 200 surveys in his career.
  • George worked for Fairfax for about a year and then became the official surveyor for the Culpeper Country. For the next several years George surveyed land at the edge of the frontier in western Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley. George had enjoyed his time in the wilderness; exploring new lands, meeting Indians and sleeping under the stars.
  • The stars are so Beautiful tonight.
  • The start of something major!
  • Were you at-least surprised?
  • You did your best.
  • Young George, age 21, Was on a mission deep in Ohio country to confront the French. In 1754 Washington's surprise attack upon a French fleet which leads to George Washington's surrender. This then lead to the French & Indian War.