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Jesus prodigal son
Updated: 8/20/2020
Jesus prodigal son
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  • There once was a rich family that had anything they wanted, food, clothes and shelter. The son wanted to move out from their home and go and live out on his own, so he asked his father to give him some of his money and the father agreed.
  • Yes my son but please stay safe and healthy!
  • Father, please can I go out in the world and have some of your money?
  • The son was foolish with his money and spent it on drinks in the bars. He bought food and a lot of liquor for his friends. He kept on doing these things to his supposed "friends". He never thought he would run out.
  • When his money finished, his "friends" left him. They only cared about his money and nothing else besides that. He felt lonely, hungry, broke and also sad and felt sorry for his father because he spent all his money. He sold his clothes for some money for only one meal. He hit rock bottom.
  • I am so sorry father! I wasted all your money on drinks and food. You must of worked hard to get it.
  • He had found a job but he had to work with dirty pigs. He had to wash them and feed them. He was so hungry he even ate some of the pig's food. All hope was lost. Until he thought that he could be a servant under his father. This was his way of an apology to his father.
  • I need to say sorry to my father, I'll become of his servant. so at least I can stay healthy.
  • He came back to his father and asked him if he could be his servant and also said sorry. The father ignored him and ran up and kissed his son and held him tight. He then said "Quick! Bring out the best robes and put it on him; put a ring on his finger and sandals on his feet!" He also ordered to get the calf that they had been fattening and kill it since they were having a feast to celebrate his return.
  • I am so sorry father!
  • "Quick! Bring out the best robes and put it on him!"
  • God is just like the forgiving father. He is the Father that is always willing to forgive us if we do something that was wrong. He always loves us and will never stop loving us. That's why he sacrificed his own son to get rid of our sins.
  • I forgive you my child.
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