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Updated: 10/16/2020
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  • Quartering Act
  • French Indian War
  • George Washington
  • Cause:A long struggle between France and Britain over powerEffect:Great Britain got Frances land in the Ohio Valley and Canada
  • Proclamation of 1773
  • Townshend Acts
  • Indian's land
  • King George III
  • Colonist's land
  • Cause:England getting land from the FrenchEffect:Anger among colonistsHigher taxesEngland sends more troops to keep peace
  • Boston Massacre
  • Stamp Act
  • Every piece of paper now has a tax
  • George Grenville
  • Cause:British need money after warEffect:Anger with colonists because "No taxation without representation"
  • Cause:British troops need a place to stayEffect:Colonists felt like there were still getting taxed and Britain refused to let the assembly meet until they agree to the quartering act
  • Sam Adams
  • Let's boycott British goods!
  • Cause:Charles Townshed believed the British colonies needed to have an soldiers there for their behaviorEffect:Riots and a boycott on all British goods.
  • This is outrageous!
  • Sam Adams
  • Cause:Bostonian's taunting the British troops.Effect:5 colonists dying at the hands of British troops
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